We offer our SCHUY-SERVICE-CHECK so that your company is always satisfied many years after delivery of a filling and packaging system and continues to produce this system effectively.
A sensible and customer-specific maintenance concept significantly reduces the number of downtimes - both for newer and older systems.

Our service specialists check your machines for "fitness" and replace components before critical signs of wear are reached. Mechanical, electronic and pneumatic components are overhauled or replaced and are available again in mint condition. As we take the safety of your employees in handling the system very seriously, we check whether your system complies with current safety requirements.

What does our "fitness check" mean for you:

  • higher production
  • reliability lifetime extension
  • personal safety

We would be happy to make you an offer for an individual spare parts package, so that you have all common wear and spare parts in stock to avoid unnecessary downtimes.

Please contact us by phone or via We will contact you immediately.

Your advantages:

  • Efficient production even after a longer production time, resulting in high production reliability
  • Downtimes of the machines are reduced
  • Critical signs of wear are detected at an early stage
  • Life span of the machine is extended
  • Employees' personal sense of security increases

Our services:

  • Customer and machine-specific maintenance concepts
  • Individual advice depending on production, condition and age of the machine
  • On-site personal investigations
  • Replacement or overhaul of mechanical, pneumatic and electrical components
  • Conduct a safety study to ensure compliance with the latest regulations