Project presentation

Complete solution for long-standing customer in Hungary

Very flexible filling and end-of-packaging line - "everything supplied from a single source"

Our long-standing customer Tolnatej from Hungary, whose production we have been equipping with filling and packaging systems for over 20 years, needed a new filling and packaging system for yoghurt, kefir and sour cream.

Their demands on SCHUY were clear: "High format flexibility, first-class quality and everything from a single source".

SCHUY managed to deliver a system that met all requirements within a very short time. When designing the machines, great importance had to be attached to format flexibility, because Tolnatej wanted to process six different products, six different cup formats and two different tray types with the SCHUY system. For this reason, the  8-lane filling system SchuCup 15000, the SchuPack Pick & Place Packer and the SchuPack STA tray erector were designed with decentralized drive technology. This technology allows the customer high format flexibility and therefore very short set-up times, which are made possible both by quick-change systems and visual operation. Furthermore, the SchuCup 15000 was equipped with an automatic CIP cleaning of the dosing system and the closed sterile room in order to meet the high hygienic requirements. Thus also further sterilization processes were integrated, like the cup sterilization with highpower UVC emitters or the aluminium lid sterilization with highpower infrared emitters.

We are pleased to have successfully delivered and installed a complete solution from one source for the expansion of production to our long-standing customer.

Details of complete filling and packaging line

SchuCup 15000

- Approx. 15.000 cups/ h.
- Format flexible Ø75 / 95 mm
- Cup buffer magazine
- Cup control
- UVC emitters
- Piston valve filler (CIP/SIP enable)
- Lid magazine with 4-times rotary star and IR emitter
- Slip lid station
- Lifting station

SchuPack STA tray erector 12/20

- Approx. 30 - 35 trays/ h.
- Format flexible
- Servo technology

SchuPack Pick&Place Packer 12/20

- Approx. 15.000 cups/ h.
- Format flexible
- Servo technology